Reclaim Your Vitality and 
Make Midlife Your Best Life


For women like us, when we find ourselves around the age of 45-ish it can suddenly feel like the body we had - the one we knew inside and out - disappears overnight. Replaced with its achy, sluggish, weight-gaining, anxious, stressed out evil twin. And that’s when the struggles start. 


Have you experienced...

  • Frustrating weight gain or an inability to drop excess weight as easily as you could in the past?
  • Inexplicable low mood or feelings of mental or physical exhaustion?
  • Brain fog or “crazy feelings” that seems to make it impossible to fulfill your dreams?
  • Anxiety and stress that overtakes you when you least expect it?
  • A massive drop in your libido or disappointment in your appearance?

Have you told yourself that this is all just a “normal” part of aging? Or that the only solutions are dangerous medications and drugs - many of which might only offer a temporary fix? Or leave you in worse shape than you are now?

I want to challenge the belief

that not feeling your best is

“normal” at our age.


My name is Maria and you’ll learn more about me a bit later. But right now I want you to know that you can turn all of these midlife health changes and challenges around with a little bit of know-how and support. 


I am going to help you get access to the most up-to-date and powerful information available so that you feel confident you’ve got the wisdom to make your midlife magical. I am going to show you how to address all the frustrating hormonal changes, emotional upheavals, and messed up midlife mindset so that you can feel excited about your life again!


What if 9 months from now you could:

  • Rebalance and restore your declining hormones and feel connected to your body again
  • Reclaim your vitality and energy so that you can find "beauty in the mundane" and enjoy each day
  • Learn how to age well - so you can keep your wits and your waistline intact!

What if in as little as 9 months you could transform the next 50 years of your life? 


No matter where you’re starting from - even if you’ve given up on improving your health. Even if you’ve accepted that feeling hopeful about the future is a thing of the past. Don’t shy away - together we can turn that around - we can turn YOU around!


My story might sound familiar...


I started perimenopause at 42. I gained weight, my mood was in the tank, and worst of all, I wasn’t sleeping. So I visited a well-known holistic medical doctor in New York City to get help. That help turned out to include pumping me full of a risky bone health drug, high dose synthetic vitamins, and a “just in case” prescription for an anti-anxiety drug. 


Yes, you read that right. That was my “treatment plan”... from a holistic doctor. 


Well I followed his protocol. I got hooked on the anti-anxiety drug and you guessed it...things didn’t get any better. 


At age 47, I was fully menopausal. And things just got worse. 


Weight gain, fatigue, and now it wasn’t just a low mood most days - it was full-blown misery. 


And I felt totally alone and lost.


It was stressful and confusing. And if I am being totally honest, pretty scary as well.


I’d finally reached a point where the kids were independent and I had many accomplishments to be proud of.  From the outside looking in, everything looked perfect. But the truth was that I was suffering. 


I had hormone imbalances that were causing me to feel like crap. Physically and mentally. I had so much that I wanted to do, but not enough energy or clear thinking to get any of it done. 


On top of all that, I had to keep showing up for my husband, my kids, my responsibilities. And believe me, I wanted to show up, to be fully present and engaged. I didn’t resent my life. But I needed more energy, more joy and more ability to pursue my dreams. 


I knew that there had to be a better way to live. That midlife wasn’t an unavoidable downhill slide into old age. I wanted to find the key to that better way.  


And I did.


It took some grit, some effort, some experimentation, some investment, some mentorship and some time. But I made it. And because of that experience, I know that you can make it too!


Which is how Thrive Over 45 was born. 


I literally created a midlife blueprint for mastering your hormones and living the life you desire. Originally I did it out of desperation - to save myself. But once I did, once I saw that my methods worked, I knew I had to share this. I KNEW that I could make an impact on the lives of other women facing these challenges.

Women like me, who felt alone in their midlife struggle. And I want to tell you...




And you do not have to accept that feeling older is a normal part of getting older. 


I’ve spent the last decade of my life into the study of female midlife wellness, functional testing, and mindset work. That blueprint I created became Thrive Over 45 and in this 9 month program you’ll discover how to:

  • Say YES to yourself - by making yourself a priority and not feeling selfish for it!
  • Repair your relationship with food - by adopting a powerful and satisfying nutritional plan that fuels your goals and dreams
  • Eradicate exhaustion - by doing the right type of exercise that makes you feel amazing
  • Remove root causes, ingrained lifestyle habits and environmental factors stealing your vibrancy so you can rediscover your health, confidence, joy and mojo.

You’ll also learn how you can:

  • Rejuvenate your thyroid for increased energy and improved mood
  • Improve your gut health, reduce inflammation, and feel so much better than you do right now
  • Create healthy habits that not only increase your lifespan but your healthspan too!




  • You’ll also learn all about hormone therapy and understand how to find and work with a doctor who can facilitate this for you, should you choose to incorporate it.  Hormone therapy empowerment + education is a gaping missing piece in most other programs, but not here!
  • Most women are not even getting this from their trusted medical provider.  We are committed to total clarity in this area for you  how to read and interpret your own DUTCH hormone test so you never have to rely on someone else's analysis and conclusions


The Thrive Over 45 plan not only worked for me - it’s worked for hundreds of women just like you. Women who truly believed they’d tried everything. That thought this was just “how it was going to be.” That there was nothing else left for them other than resigned acceptance and living smaller.


And now these same women are excited and motivated about their lives again! They have the energy, vitality, and ambition to follow their dreams...because life and your healthy doesn't have to plunge into a downward spiral at 45. In fact, this second act can be your greatest yet!


Why is Thrive Over 45 so important?


Because the rules of the game really do change when women hit their mid-40s. So many programs out there do not address the specific needs of midlife women like us. 


Hormones change when we hit our 40s. And they can change pretty drastically. 


This can affect everything from your mood to your weight...from your outlook on life...even your body’s immunity, and more. Making what you did in your 20s and 30s no longer effective. Your body won’t respond the same way it used to because your body has fundamentally changed. 


And programs that overlook this - that sweep past those hormonal changes that all midlife women face - are a waste of both time and money.


Your body is your only true home. You only get one. So you should care for it. How it looks, how it feels, and how it performs. When you enroll in Thrive Over 45, you get the blueprint that shows you exactly how to do all that. 


You get a roadmap to a healthier, happier you!


What exactly is Thrive Over 45?


Thrive Over 45 is a transformitive, customized, 9 month experience that will change your life, your mind, and your body. 


That’s a pretty big claim, isn’t it?


But it’s a true claim and it’s happening for women who are in the program right now. And it can happen for you too.


So let’s get specific. With this 9 month program you will:

  • Know exactly what your hormone levels are and the role your gut health is playing in your health. No more guessing. No more random, ineffective supplements.
  • Understand exactly where your gut health is, why it’s important, and what to do to optimize it so you’re functioning better.
  • Get armed with the knowledge and confidence to tackle annoying health concerns before they become major disturbances.

Additionally, you will:

  • Receive a specific, made-for-you-plan for hormone balance and midlife wellness.
  • Experience major mindset shifts, a new level of energy, and a renewed “can do” attitude. 
  • Take the driver’s seat when it comes to your health by making empowered decisions that move you confidently forward with each passing year.

And most importantly you will:

  • Gain total clarity on the hormone replacement therapy question you’ve been so confused about.  No other program addresses this crucial decision that midlife women need to make.


We’re aiming for more than

just a longer life here. We

want a longer AND healthier

life. We want it all - vitality,

immunity, joy, and fulfillment. 


Because we deserve that.


Because You deserve that.


What Thrive Over 45 is not


It’s not…

  • The male gym trainer who barks at you to do more
  • The 30-year-old nurse practitioner who’s clueless about hormonal decline (because she is yet to experience it) and thus does not know how to help older women.
  • The newly certified wellness practitioner who insists that an intermittent fasting program is the “bomb!
  • The well-meaning but overworked physician with 20 whole minutes for your office visit where all you’ll come away with is a prescription for an antidepressant
  • The life coach whose only strategy is to tell you to “step into your power” because she doesn’t understand the interplay of hormones, brain health, and motivation 
  • The group fitness program led by an online trainer that hundreds of women have joined causing you to get lost in the crowd

If you’re looking for any of that, then Thrive Over 45 is NOT the program for you!


Instead, I want to offer you a proven plan, the right testing, and support during your journey back to health... 


I want you to get access to a powerful protocol that’s not a carbon copy given to every client. But is created exclusively for you by a team that understands the unique changes and challenges that midlife brings to both your body and your brain. 


If that sounds nothing like “what the doctor ordered” and that idea excites you, let’s check out exactly what you’ll get access to when you join us today...


Let’s break down the Thrive Over 45 program


Thrive Over 45 is first and foremost a transformative journey. A journey you’ll be taking with an amazing group of like-minded women seeking more happiness and more fulfillment out of their lives through better health.


My team of coaches and I will personally walk with you through this program. We’ll teach you EXACTLY how to improve your health and usher in a new level of mental and physical wellness. Maybe more so than you’ve ever experienced before!


The program takes a deep dive into the foundational pillars of midlife wellness with weekly steps and personalized lab testing. This is often one of the missing elements in many other programs.



Meet our team of experts:




Maria is a certified health coach with advanced training in functional medicine coaching and hormone balance for midlife women. 


Maria is a certified DUTCH hormone test practitioner who is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Certification Program, The Hormone Cure Practitioner Program with Dr. Sara Gottfried, 3rd Age Women's Health Certification (UK based), Nutritious Life Certification with Keri Glassman, RD, Menopause Method Course for Physicians with Dr. Daved Rosensweet, and has completed a professional mentorship with hormone scholar Dr. Lindsey Berkson.


She works with women all over the world in order to help them balance their hormones. Maria created the Thrive Over 45 program to help women like herself who were lost and struggling with the mental, physical, and emotional changes that beset us as we approach and journey through menopause.


“I don’t want you to just survive your 40s and 50s...I want you to THRIVE!”




Kristin is a “recovering” corporate attorney and gold star sister who earned her credentials as a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association and is also Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. 


Kristin believes that chronic health problems are caused by weaknesses in the body’s physiological systems as a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices. 


By identifying the root causes of these foundational deficiencies or imbalances, Kristin works to investigate health concerns, correct dysfunction, and bring the body back into balance through targeted nutritional support and lifestyle modifications, enabling clients to lead a thriving, vibrant life.


The Thrive Over 45 Six Step Customized Process Works Like This:


   1. DECIDE + ENROLL: When you decide to become a private client, you will receive forms to fill out and book your first session.


   2. DIRECTION + ASSESSMENT: You fill out the forms and we have your first session, an onboarding session. Here’s where we really fine tune our ears AND TRULY listen to you. We evaluate your nutritional + body systems questionaire and start piecing your health clues together right away. We even delve into mindset if we sense it’s needed. We explain how to take the tests and have them drop shipped to your home. Our clients tell us that just having someone to truly listen already has them feeling positive changes after this first session!


   3. GET DIALED IN: A few days after your first session, you receive your initial protocol to get you started feeling better right away. No wasted time waiting for test results to come in, we mean business and know you do too!


   4. THE BIG REVEAL: This is the super exciting and life changing second session. Here’s where we explain the results of your DUTCH, GI-Map and blood tests. We allot 90 minutes for this session so that you are 100% clear on test results and what they mean. You will have many a-ha moments during this session. 


   5. PRECISION PROTOCOL: Several days later, you’ll receive your customized lifestyle protocol that has your test results, lifestyle, supplement, exercise custom meal plan and timeline. 


   6. FOLLOW UP + STAYING THE PATH: Sessions 3-6 are for evaluating your progress and making any changes if necessary. Use these sessions as needed during our 9 months together. No forced schedule, no rushing you through a cookie cutter experience. From this point on, you decide the pace. We will still be checking in with you on a regular/weekly? basis to make sure your needs are being met and you are progressing nicely. These sessions may also be used to re-run any tests, if necessary. You get continued 1:1 private support and community support via the members only Facebook group.


During the program, you’ll also get:

  • The two best lab tests on the planet, shipped directly to you (the DUTCH complete hormone test and the GI-Map gut health panel). You perform these tests in the comfort of your own home. Value: $943
  • A  detailed, customized lifestyle protocol (based on your test results) that covers nutrition, exercise, and supplements, and a private session where we go over your test results. Value: $1547
  • 4 group coaching calls for accountability, camaraderie, and to get all of your questions answered. Value: $2600
  • Thrive Team. You’ll get exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions and connect with like-minded women rising up and reclaiming their health.Value: $197
  • Complete Course Materials. Short watchable videos that walk you through each of the health principles. No hour-long, boring, and hard to follow instructional videos because “ain’t nobody got time for that!” Most lessons are 10-15 minutes each, followed by action steps to ensure that you actually experience transformation. Plus, all the materials are downloadable! Value: $497
  • Special Guest Surprises and Livestream Videos in our Private Facebook group! We’re gonna cover hormones, mindset, and libido just to name a few juicy topics that will make a difference in your life. Value: $197

Plus these Special Bonuses: 


Protein Powder Primer E-Book, Optimal Lab Ranges for Bloodwork Cheat Sheet, Happy Hormones Recipe Guide, and The Hormone Imbalance Supplement Guide. Value: $297



Extra Special Bonus: 


Lifelong Knowledge on How to Understand Your Own DUTCH hormone test. Value: Considering the impact this can have, it’s priceless!


Sounds great, but what’s the cost? 


First, let me assure you, it’s not going to cost you $10,000 or even $7,000 … (I know you added all those values up!) 


But what will it cost you if you don’t get help? 

What will that continued loss of vitality, energy, and loss of joy in life cost you? In the end, it’s going to cost far more than $10,000! It costs you your dreams, your goals, your relationships…and more. 


Everything in your life suffers when you suffer. I know you’ve noticed this. 


And because I was once in your exact shoes, because I’ve been through this and not only survived but THRIVED - I know this isn’t what you’re willing to settle for! 


So let’s talk about choosing to invest in a better future. 


Let’s talk about how your health and wellness is worth so much more than the cost of ANY program out there - including my own. Let’s talk about why YOU are worth it and how you can become a member of the Thrive Over 45 program today. 


It’s your chance to spend the next 9 months going from…

Go from this...

To this...

  • Feeling like nothing that worked in the past is working now including so-called healthy eating, exercise, and medications
  • Understanding what has changed about your body and hormones so you can adapt old habits and adopt new, more effective ones
  • Having no energy or stamina, like you’re exhausted 24/7
  • Feeling like you’re raring to go and even have energy to spare!
  • Feeling achy and out of sorts or “down in the dumps” but not able to pinpoint a cause or a reason for it
  • Understanding how your hormones are affecting your body, your joints, and your state of mind
  • Beating yourself up because you’re just not interested in intimacy anymore
  • Excited to spend “quality time” with your partner and enjoying it...fully
  • Overwhelmed by a sense of mental and physical decline with no understanding of how to turn any of it around - or even where to start
  • Armed with the information you need about your hormones and levels so you can make informed decisions about protocols and changes that will result in feeling better

Or, if none of the above transformations resonate with you, what would YOU like to transform in the next 9 months? What could you accomplish during your time in Thrive Over 45? And how might that change your life and your relationships for the better? 


Think about it.

Space is extremely limited.


* Not available in NY, NJ and RI.  Please contact us for options




Listen to what these women

had to say about their




How to apply for the Thrive Over 45 program


Unlike most programs, I take your participation seriously. I am not hyping this up by telling you that this program will change your life but... 


It IS transformative. 


It IS revolutionary. 


And it’s important to me that you’re the right fit for both the program and the group. 


Because the absolute last thing I want is for you to invest your hard-earned money and your most precious resource - your time - into an in-depth program like this only to find it wasn’t the right fit or the right time for you. 


I am seeking motivated women who are aligned with the program’s mission and who are ready and willing to invest their time and resources. Women who are ready to do the work that will reclaim their health and vitality and change their lives.

So if you want to know if THRIVE OVER 45 is the right program for you, click the link below to complete a short application and see if you qualify for a FREE coaching call with one of our coaches!

Want to look and feel fabulous as you age?


Not willing to settle for “normal”?


The Thrive over 45 plan not only worked for me.